"Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally."

                                                                                                        Jon Kabat-Zinn


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Meditation Teachers and Leaders

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The Meditation teachers and leaders at O2 understand meditation because we meditate.  It is impossible to predict the profound ways in which meditation can change your life until you make meditation a part of your life.  Everyone can meditate, and we can help you find a practice that is just for you.


Karen Kavasnika 


Karen is the leader of the Thursday Night Meditation Group.  She is the embodiment of a Bodhisattva.  We are honored to have Karen share the gifts of meditation with you.

South Wind Sangha(community), is a Buddhist based meditation group. 

We meet each Thursday starting at 5:30.

Beginners and experienced meditators are welcome! Choose the sessions that support your practice.


5:30pm: Qigong body movement

              Quiet the mind with gently body movement

(First Thursday each month: Drumming Meditation)

6:00pm: Silent Meditation

(First Thursday each month: Singing Bowl Meditation)

6:30pm: Optional Book Study and Discussion

For those wishing to deepen their practice

Current Book Study

The Art of Disappearing

by Ajahn Brahm

Cost: There is no set fee to join our sangha for meditation.

We appreciate a dana or generosity offering to help support our activities and our beautiful home space of O2 Yoga.

Please feel free to call Karen with any questions about our Thursday Night Meditation Group.

775 267-2424

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Keri Sheerin, C-IAYT 

Keri has practiced meditation for 20 years.  She is dedicated to improving lives though teaching, soul searching, and guiding empowerment through self inquiry.  She believes that a meditation practice is essential, and that meditation is not an "one size fits all" technique.  She has practiced many styles including mindfulness, primordial sound, & Integrative Restoration.

Keri teaches yoga & meditation classes, workshops, and retreats.  She also works one on one,  with Yoga Therapy.