It is the intention of The Grief Lotus Project to define grief, as a normal reaction to loss, which is unique to each and every griever.   Through experiential self study each person will unwrap their understanding of grief, via processing of their own grief/loss experience, with mindfulness and self compassion.  We will then begin to put tools in place that will support awareness and conscious transformation.  It is from this place that deep soul work begins and we may begin to heal on our own terms and own time, and ultimately offer solace to others.

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bereaved parents circle 6:00-7:30pm free

We gather together to hold space for one another while we navigate our own grief journey.  All parents are welcome.  We know it take courage, and we are here to offer any support you may be needing.

May 7, 2019

June 4, 2019

July 2, 2019

August Break

September , 2019

October 1, 2019

November 4, 2019

December 3, 2019

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Yoga therapy/ Grief Coaching

One on one sessions with Keri Sheerin

The Grief Journey is unique for everyone so I am here to walk beside you, To to help you remember your strengths, uncover any blocks that are keeping you stuck, and to cheer for you as you make the leap from surviving to thriving.  

I believe Grief Work is Sacred and Transformational, and hard as hell, but as one of my mentors, Sobonfu Some taught me, it can't be done alone.  I would be honored to join you.

Heres how it works....

The first session (which is free), can be done on the phone but preferably in person, and we use it to see if we are a fit.  Finding someone who you feel comfortable with is imperative to this journey.  If we are not a fit, I will do my best to refer you to someone else.  I am dedicated to this process.

When we do begin to work together the one on one hour long sessions are  $65 We can also do sessions via phone/Skype


 Grief recovery method

Since the Grief Recovery Institute was founded in the mid 1980s.   The Grief Recovery Method is a process that follows a very simple book with lessons and tools that are done each week, for a total of 6 Weeks.  The Grief Recovery Method is especially helpful in that it helps you to complete unfinished pains of the past, it helps to identify why and where you may be stuck in pain, and also remember fond memories.  It is a simple yet profound technique, and very suited for all people, no matter what loss you have experienced.

One on One Grief Recovery 

$65/session (6 weekly sessions)


Group sessions limit 12 participants

$200/ 6 Week Session

Call Keri to be placed on the list.  775 2301545


The Art of Holding Your Heart Retreat

March 2020 (dates to be determined)

The Sacred Work of Grief, Loss & Healing

The Art Of Holding Your Heart is aworkshop designed to help people explore the fullness of their grief, to honor all that is present, with love and support, and to begin to take the deep journey of self awareness and transformation. We will practice self compassion, deep listening, body sensing, movement/yoga, education, creativity, and mindfully attend to all emotions. Emotions are the fuel of transformation. We will learn to courageously BE! The goal of the workshop will be to help each individual define & take ownership of their “Grief Journey.”

Photos From the Art of Holding Your Heart 2019


Keri Sheerin BS, CYT, 500EYT, RMT

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Keri is the director and owner of O2 Yoga & Wellness & The Grief Lotus Project.  She is a mother, wife, yogi, healer and now a dedicated Grief educator/coach.  After the death of her oldest son Will, in 2014 it became very obvious that there was a need for people who will  walk beside you after loss, and since that time has worked to develop programs that provide conscious grief support.  She has passionately taught yoga for almost 20 years, so she infuses her "grief coaching" with Mindfulness, Compassion Body Awareness/yoga. 

She is a Yoga Therapist,  Grief Coach, She leads Yoga for Grief, Compassionate Bereavement Support groups, and The Grief Recovery Method.  The Grief Lotus Project is a tapestry of teachings, and tools for people who want to return to thier light after loss.

Keri has certification with Anonio Sausys, Yoga for Grief Relief Professional training, by MISS foundation as a Compassionate Bereavement Care Provider, & She is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  Keri is certified with Heather Plett's Holding Space, coach/facilitator program.